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March 8, 2004 -

I am happy to announce a terrific new program that can help both your small business owners and your large corporate clients:  A Master Lease Program.

In a nutshell, this program pre-approves your client's company for a TOTAL LEASING LINE OF CREDIT.  Any existing leases can be consolidated into the new line of credit, and any new equipment can be added to the line of credit at any time.  It may be the last time your clients' company has to apply for a lease!  It also promises to greatly SIMPLIFY the monthly accounts payable  -- imagine only one check monthly for ALL equipment leases in ALL locations!  Products that can be included under the leasing line of credit are:

Manufacturing Equipment

Vehicles (autos, trucks, vans)
Office furniture and equipment
Computers, networks, AND software
Telephone systems
Soft costs including installation and training

The Master Lease comes with lease end options of returning the equipment, purchasing the equipment, or extending the lease period, if residual values allow.  As with all leases, the lessee is responsible for taxes on the equipment each year if applicable in their state.

I just finished placement of a $1MM line of credit for a company that has 9 different office locations, and it consolidated over 25 different existing leases, and gave them an additional line of credit for $400,000. 

We are able to offer limited commissions on the Master Lease program, generally starting at 0.25% of the initial take-out on the line of credit.  (For instance, a $100,000 line of credit in which the company took out $50,000 would generate a commission of $125 to you).  We can also structure residual commissions based on future take-outs if you prefer.  This will not be a giant money maker as you can see, but it is a tremendous value added service to your corporate clients. 
We are going to begin to introduce several other "corporate" products that will begin to enhance your product offerings to your corporate clients, and altogether will give you the ability to multiply your earnings from your existing corporate client base.    We will announce these programs over the next few months.

The starting point for getting this product in place is to provide us with the following documents:

1)  Last 3 years' company tax returns

2)  If this is a smaller company, 100% owned by an individual, we may need last 3 years' personal tax returns also

3)  A list of the equipment currently leased that the client wishes to include in the Master Lease (be as specific with this as possible:  include make a model and year of the equipment).

4)  A requested leasing credit limit above the current lease amounts -- try to estimate leasing needs over the next 5 years and add a little "cushion".


Feel free to e-mail me with any initial questions and we will get your started on this one.

Mark Wells


Dec. 1st,2nd,3rd 2003-- We will be sponsoring an exhibit at the Don Farmer - Richmond, Virginia Seminar thru the Virginia Society of Certified Public Accountants. We look forward to meeting our Virginia members there, and hope to add more to the Network as we get a chance to meet them face to face.


November 20th, 2003 -- 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Greenville, South Carolina at the Crown Plaza Hotel (Intersection of I-385 and Roper Mountain Rd). Advisor Mortgage Network held a  "Strategic Partnership Seminar and Workshop". One of our featured speakers there was Lynn Skidmore who as a CPA, Dale Carnegie leader, toastmaster, and now personal success coach. Lynn discussed how to increase your services to your existing client base, and how to market yourself in an increasingly competitive environment. Her two sessions complemented a presentation of the Advisor Mortgage Network concept, how it can be integrated into your existing business, the mechanics of how it works, and some extremely valuable product information highlighting many of our special lending areas.



November 15th, 2003 -- Advisor Mortgage Network announces the promotion of Rusty Jones to staff position of Real Estate Agent Coordinator. Rusty will oversee the part of the Network that consists of licensed real estate agents. He has been on staff with us for the past 6 months and comes with years of background experience in the mortgage field from originator to underwriter, and was also on the legal staff of a real estate attorney for several years prior to coming with Advisor Mortgage Network. His extensive background brings just the kind of expertise needed to handle our increasing base of real estate agents.


November 01st, 2003 --
Advisor Mortgage Network announces it new Emerging Markets Program. This incredibly broad first time homebuyer program provides answers to every first time homebuyer's problems: No downpayment? E.M. provides 100% financing if credit scores are above 620 and 97% financing if scores are as low as 580 (and the 97% program only requires $500 of the buyer's personal funds -- the rest can be gifted). No established credit? E.M. allows the borrower to provide a 12 month rent reference from their landlord, and 3 other 12 month references from such sources as utility accounts, phone services, automobile insurance agencies, etc and qualify for the loan with this alternative credit. Under the Emerging Markets program, the Seller is allowed to pay ALL closing costs including pre-paids (tax and insurance deposits), so your borrower can literally walk into closing, sign on the dotted line, and own a house!


October 27th, 28th, 29th --
Advisor Mortgage sponsored the 2003 NCACPA annual Symposium as an exhibitor. Over 200 companies visited our booth at the symposium and one lucky fellow walked away with the $689 prize check. The $689 prize was to highlight the average commission on the average loan transaction within the Network in 2003. Welcome to our new members who signed up at the symposium.

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